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Project Description

Cooling Block Machine

Model NOBC24

Technical Data

Power 20kW
Voltage 400V-3,NPe±%10
Frequency 50 Hz±%2
Air Press 6-8 bar
Capacitet 50/pcs
Width 1.720 mm
Length 6.800 mm
Height 2.160 mm
Weight 3.500 kg

Block cooling machine cools down and transfers to the cutting machine the wafer blocks which come out of the cream spreading machine in blocks after cream is spread on them.  Block cooling machine consists of a block carrier, special polyurethane bands, a cooling unit, a dehumidification unit and sealed taps isolated with polyurethane materials.

-Works as a final cooling unit before cutting

-Decreases the temperature of block wafer sheets to ideal degree to minimize scrap in cutting unit

-Cooling room and dehumidifying room are completely insulated with anti-condensation polyurethane material