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Project Description

Cream Spreading Machine

Technical Data

– Spreads cream on sheets coming from cooler, forming wafer blocks by tracking sheets on each other.
– All machine parts manufactured of stainless steel material.
– Compliant with food codices.
– Liquid cream is spread on the wafer sheet.
– Cream thickness can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
– Piston press function at the end the output belt
– Manual or automatic feeding possible
– Cream boiler equipped with an internal turbine for mixing.
– Layer thickness adjusted automatically
– Forms wafer blocks by means of folding by sliding
– Automatic passing from wafer sheet cooler

Power 3.5 KW 4 KW
Voltage 400 V+N+PE 400V+N+PE
Frequency 50-60 Hz 50-60 Hz
Air Press 6-8 Bar 6-8 Bar
Capacity 45-60 sheets /min 45-60 sheets /min
Cream Sliding Feature One Color Two Colors

Model NKS1

Width 1.000 mm
Height 1.700 mm
Length 5.500 mm
Weight 1.000 kg

Cream machine spreads on the wafer leaves coming from the leaf cooling unit liquid and air cream in required thickness and turns
wafer leaves into blocks by piling them up. Cream machine consists of the main chassis, entrance group, feeding group, and applying group, layer group, combining group, hazelnut group (option), pressure group and the upper group. Thanks to this machine, cream application and blocking works are
performed in a fast and hygienic way without touching wafer leaves and cream.