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Project Description

Wafer Cutting Machine

Model NC1

Technical Data

Model Cutting Machine in One Direction
Block Stacking min 1, max 4 blocks
Cutting Cell System, Cell Binder
Feeding Type Width, Length ( Rotatol System)
Operator Panel 5’’
Software PLC
Power 4 kW
Frequency 50 Hz±%2
Air Pressure 6-8 bar
Voltage 400V-3,Npe±%10
Electric Panel Stainless steel
Width 1.500 mm
Length 2.500 mm
Height 1.000 mm
Weight 600 kg

-Possible to switch between manual and feeding modes
-Capable of cutting single sheet and in blocks
-Manufactured completely of stainless steel
-Water blocks are cut in the solid-blade system
-System for rotating block prior to cutting
-Block stacking system
-Grid-style blade system
-Bidirectional cutting capability