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Project Description

Wafer Baking Owen

Wafer oven is used for baking automatically the wafer sheets prepared from the wafer dough in required pattens. The oven consist of chassis ,mould,burner system,gas system, front traction gear and back stay system. The mould meeting international standarts are heated with the heating system which is compatible to work with natural gas,liquid gas and electricity. It enables untouched production thanks to it full- automatic feature in addition to enabling economical and
productivе operation through its best heat distribution and high heat insulation features. Continuous,proper and required flame amount is maintaned thanks to its servo-controlled air and gas systems. Ideal baking duration which varies accordingt to dough formula , raw material and thickness of wafer plate is between 2.2 and 2.4 minutes. Dough distribution ,dough transfer , ignition system and leaf burr and leaf removing features are applied automationcally. Adjustments and
interventions can be made in an easy and fast way with its practical control panel. Flame control is achieved digitally through the control panel. Its equipments such as block dough pump ,dough mixer, dough stock tank and dough transfer pump are all produced from stainless materials.

-Sizes 350×500, 290×470
-Plates 82 / 62 / 42 / 24 / 42 / 60
-Full automatic efficient operation
-Economic and efficient operation through optimum heat distribution and high heat isolation
-Safe operation with gas protection system, mechanical locks system and warning devices
-Digital flame control from control panel
-Automatic ignition system
-Automatic wafer sheet retrival
-Least level of maintenance required thanks to compliance and quality of used materials.
-Automatic batter distribution thanks to encoder motor system