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Project Description

Wafer Sheet Coolers

Model NOCC2

Technical Data

Width of transition 850 mm
Height of transition 2.000 mm
Plate size 350*500 mm
Number of carriers 120 pcs
Power 1 KW
Frequency 50 Hz±%2
Width 1.000 mm
Length 4.500 mm
Height 2.800 mm
Weight 1.000 kg

Existing oven and entering the cooler is done through the conveyor belt system. Existing the cooler can be manual or automatic. Wafer sheets moved by an automatic system. Broken sheets scrapped at inlet. Optional stacking is possible at the cooler exit.
Works in synchronizationwith automaticbaking oven and cream spreading machine.

-Main parts are; Chassis, plate molds, burner room, exhaust system, front traction gear and tension control system

-The energy source options are NG, LPG and electricity

-Superior temperature stabilization and heat distribution due to three layers high quality insulation system

-Fully automatic dough molding & battering, burner ignition, sheet baking and demolding

-Customizable parameters and fast response due to digital control panel

-Leak-proof burning room assures a toxic gas-free baking