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Hard Foil – PET,PS

Polyester PET film It has exceptional brightness, transparency and high temperature and tear resistance. Therefore, PET films are widely used in the manufacture of disposable packaging.

Characteristics of the foils we offer:

All types of PET films are between 150-1000 microns thick and a maximum width of 140 cm.
APET – Various types of packaging for food, confectionery, etc. can be formed with this foil.
PET / PE – used in packaging of olives, cakes, for products that have a long shelf life.
PET / EVOH PE – high barrier film. It is used in packaging for packaging of perishable products such as meat, cut sausages, cheese, yellow cheese and others.
PET / PE / PEEL PE – allows for easy separation with the upper layer of foil, with which the package is sealed, is mainly used in cut products such as cheese and yellow cheese.
GPET – is mainly used in the advertising sector.