Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Sause Processing Unit


Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Sause Processing Unit Desired amount of raw material is transferred from storage tank to premix tank with a pump. The mix which is prepared in premix tank is transferred to process tank with vacuum unit. Targeted product is achieved by adding additives and by the help of top and bottom agitators.Applications— Mayonnaise— [...]

Cream cheese production lines with Buffer tank and CIP unit


Cream cheese production lines with Buffer and CIP unit — All materials are AISI 304 stainless steel. — 2nd wall, indirect steam pressure 2 Bar. — Product output with butterfly valve and filter after output (800 m). — Product additional input (with funnel). — Vacuum tube is available for picking up unwanted [...]

Process Cheese Machines


Process Cheese Machines — Horizontal and cylindrical process— Direct steam inlet— Product loading with elevator— Transferring reservoir— Product pump— Powder hopper— Electrical panelThe line is used to produce kashkaval from dry powder mixtures. The capacity of the machine is 400 lt./process

Standardizers and Pasteurizers


Standardizers and Pasteurizers Fat and Milk Standardizers Technical Data Capacity 5000 – 75000 lt./h Applications standardizing milk by fat and protein Pasteurizers for Cream Technical Data Fat Content 40 – 65% Capacity 200 – 20000 lt./h Type of Pasteurizer tubular and plated Pasteurizers for [...]



Turners This allows filtering of multi moulds to be accelerated by turning in certain time intervals and cheese shape to be smoothly formed.Mechanically they are designed to be double pneumatic piston and mechanic eccentric lever tuning, pneumatic control system, mechanic stretching system, manual operation principle, multi mould centring and manual placement, back reverse mechanism, [...]

Semi-Auto and Manual White Cheese Production Line


Semi-Auto and Manual White Cheese Production Line Semi Automatic White Cheese Production Line Technical Data Automatic and Hygienic Production Possibility Optimum Production Area Using Standard Production (200, 250, 400 and others) Efficient Brining methods (20 hour/day) Effective Methods of Brine Automatic CIP Possibility Classical Methods Modernization Detergent Cost Saving No Need Washing [...]



Pre-Press Curd getting ready in cheese vat is filled to Pre – Press. Then, pressing operation is started with perforated pressure presses on Pre – Press. Pressing process continues until whey is discharged. After pressing process, upper pressing are removed and front cover is opened. Cheese is moved to the exit with a special [...]

Multi-Moulds Stacking Machines and Carrying Trolleys


Multi-Moulds Stacking Machines and Carrying Trolleys Multi-Moulds Stacking MachinesThis machine allows moulds that are transferred with conveyor and filled by filling system to be stacked successively in a way to be used in the Turner.Lifting TowerEmpty Multimoulds Unstacking ConveyorUnstacking TowerFilling ConveyorCurd filtering and Filling MachineMultimoulds Stacking TowerMultimoulds Stacking ConveyorLowering Tower Multi-Moulds Carrying TrolleysThey [...]

Multi Mould Washing Machine


Multi Mould Washing Machine Technical Data:Capacity200 – 300 mould/hWater Consumption1500 lt. /hSteam Consumption400 kg/h - 3 BarEnergy Consumption30,05 kWThis machine is used for the washing of multi moulds. Preferably they are heated with steam. It is composed of 4 units as pre-washing in unit 1, washing in unit 2, pre-rinsing in unit 3, and [...]

Fibrous Cheese Forming Machines


Fibrous Cheese Forming Machines The rested cheese is taken from brining to get the best fibres form. The feeding is provided manually. The cheese dough which can be between 8 mm – 20 mm thickness is compressed from top and bottom by conveyor. The cheese is forming by harrow. [...]