Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Sause Processing Unit


Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Sause Processing Unit Desired amount of raw material is transferred from storage tank to premix tank with a pump. The mix which is prepared in premix tank is transferred to process tank with vacuum unit. Targeted product is achieved by adding additives and by the help of top and bottom agitators.Applications— Mayonnaise— [...]

Cream cheese production lines with Buffer tank and CIP unit


Cream cheese production lines with Buffer and CIP unit — All materials are AISI 304 stainless steel. — 2nd wall, indirect steam pressure 2 Bar. — Product output with butterfly valve and filter after output (800 m). — Product additional input (with funnel). — Vacuum tube is available for picking up unwanted [...]

Process Cheese Machines


Process Cheese Machines — Horizontal and cylindrical process— Direct steam inlet— Product loading with elevator— Transferring reservoir— Product pump— Powder hopper— Electrical panelThe line is used to produce kashkaval from dry powder mixtures. The capacity of the machine is 400 lt./process

Wafer Baking Owen


Wafer Baking Owen Wafer oven is used for baking automatically the wafer sheets prepared from the wafer dough in required pattens. The oven consist of chassis ,mould,burner system,gas system, front traction gear and back stay system. The mould meeting international standarts are heated with the heating system which is compatible to [...]

Wafer Cutting Machine


Wafer Cutting Machine Model NC1 Technical Data Model Cutting Machine in One Direction Capacity Block Stacking min 1, max 4 blocks Cutting Cell System, Cell Binder Feeding Type Width, Length ( Rotatol System) Operator Panel 5’’ Software PLC Power 4 kW Frequency 50 Hz±%2 Air Pressure 6-8 bar Voltage 400V-3,Npe±%10 Electric Panel [...]

Cream Spreading Machine


Cream Spreading Machine Technical Data - Spreads cream on sheets coming from cooler, forming wafer blocks by tracking sheets on each other. - All machine parts manufactured of stainless steel material. - Compliant with food codices. - Liquid cream is spread on the wafer sheet. - Cream thickness can be adjusted [...]

Cooling Block Machine


Cooling Block Machine Model NOBC24 Technical Data Power 20kW Voltage 400V-3,NPe±%10 Frequency 50 Hz±%2 Air Press 6-8 bar Capacitet 50/pcs Width 1.720 mm Length 6.800 mm Height 2.160 mm Weight 3.500 kg Block cooling machine cools down and transfers to the cutting machine the wafer blocks which come out [...]