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Rectangular Buckets

Almer Ltd. is an official representative of German company Jokey Group for Bulgarian market. The Jokey Group is an internationally active, family-owned company involved in the plastics processing industry. Founded in 1968 and based in Wipperfürth, Germany, the company is one of the leading manufacturers in the world in the field of plastic packaging development and production. Jokey Packaging offers an outstandingly broad standard programme of buckets, tubs and trays for fillers of food and non-food items. Range of its portfolio includes pails from 120ml to 35L. All items of the company could be produced with In-Mould-Labelling (IML). The IML process offers you premium decoration in high-resolution photographic quality. With the advances in in-mould decorating for packaging, Jokey Group can provide to the customers with creative solutions, often at reduced costs-to-manufacture, and expand opportunities with customers for greater value-add.

Code– JETR – 30
Capacity– 3,1 L
Size– 251 x 169 x 115 mm

Code– JETR – 35
Capacity– 3,6 L
Size– 286 x 198 x 120 mm

Code– JETR – 50
Capacity– 5,6 L
Size– 250 x 196 x 172 mm

Code– JETR – 57
Capacity– 5,8 L
Size– 286 x 198 x 157 mm

Code– JETR – 62
Capacity– 6,4 L
Size– 286 x 198 x 161 mm

Code– JETR – 110 – M
Capacity– 10,9 L
Size– 286 x 198 x 266 mm

Code– JETR – 110 – PM
Capacity– 11,2 L
Size– 292 x 200 x 251 mm

Code– JETR – 160
Capacity– 16,6 L
Size– 372 x 240 x 266 mm